Green Fintech Bonds

The Antarctica Foundation sees sustainable finance as a great opportunity for the financial industry. The combination of sustainable financial services and digital technology (green fintech) is particularly promising. For this reason, the Antarctica Foundation, together with industry partners, launched the Green Fintech Bonds on 1 August 2021.

The Green Fintech Bonds are based on the globally recognised de facto market standards for green, social and sustainability bonds, which are all use-of-proceeds instruments.

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Sustainable investments, sustainable growth

There is an enormous potential in sustainable investment, and the financial services industry is approaching a position in which sustainable investment is the norm. Political and social pressure to take environmental, social and governance issues into account is steadily mounting, but the main reason for the strong growth in sustainable investments is simply that investors are willing to channel more money into them.

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The secret of your success

Sustainability presents a considerable opportunity for the financial industry. The Antarctica Foundation acts both as a facilitator and investor in this context, cultivating an intensive dialogue with the financial industry and investing in high-ROI sustainable projects. The competitiveness of the financial industry must be supported, but at the same time, steps need to be taken towards greater sustainability. Participants in the financial markets that want to remain successful must be stable and trustworthy.


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